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*All HILLSTRONG cannabis products are lab tested through Leaf Detective in Eureka California.

Holy Grail OG

This hybrid OG is the offspring of the award winning strains, OG #18 and Kosher Kush. Its gassy OG flavors with its peppery notes and a twist of citrus will make your mouth water. The high potency of 21.8% won’t put you on the couch either.

Holy Grail OG takes its time to ripen, but the fruits are always worth the weight.


Sour Cookies

One of the first strains developed in our own breeding program, Sour Cookies blends together the two most trusted and valued strains HILLSTRONG has grown in the last half decade. We chose the most vigorous and robust Girl Scout Cookies female from our 2015 season and crossed her with an Original Sour Diesel male that was bred by our friends at Cali Connection. Baring the very best traits of both its parents, the results speak for themselves.

HILLSTRONG is proud to be the creator of this closely guarded phenotype and we will ensure its availability to cannabis aficionados for years to come.

As stress and discomfort are freed from the body, the tangy accent of the SD father lifts the mild vanilla of the GSC mother to an all encompassing cerebral high. Enjoy HILLSTRONG’s signature strain.

Sour Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies

This OG Kush / Durban Poison cross took the world by storm a few years ago. Believe it or not, the “real thing” was a rare find in the beginning.  Now a HILLSTRONG staple, we had to learn the hard way and run many phenotypes that turned out to be fakes or duds, but our diligence finally led us to this sweet and earthy beauty that we’re proud to include on the HILLSTRONG menu.

Enjoy a relaxed and coherent headspace, while those aches and pains are whisked away, along with the contents of your refrigerator.

Girl Scout Cookies

Sour Diesel

The HILLSTRONG phenotype of this legendary strain took years of scouring the market and the growing of many more types before we discovered a worthy variety. Originally acquired from a “friend of a friend” many years ago, this very potent, yet smooth and uplifting model is the HILLSTRONG strain of choice. Even our full-term sun grown flower tests at over 27% THC content, which places HILLSTRONG Sour Diesel at the top of the industry!

These euphoric and energizing effects combined with the pungent tangy aroma are what fuel Sour Diesel’s continued popularity and will make you a believer.

San Fernando Valley OG

A citrusy variety of the extensive crossbred OG family has become one of HILLSTRONG’s most sought after strains. The sharp earthy “gas” of Original OG is topped by a tangy note that ensures each toke will be a flavorful adventure.

The presence of mind and jovial spirit induced by HILLSTRONG’s San Fernando Valley OG has secured a permanent place on our menu.